Loser Girl Wins

Here’s to awkward introductions. I’m Sarah and it’s so nice to meet…well it’s so nice for you to meet me, I suppose. I’ve been writing mildly to insanely sarcastic pros since the year in high school I discovered there was more to writing than just book reports. Thank you yearbook.

Skip ahead a few years and I graduated with a BA in Journalism, a hatred for conventional learning (a story for another day) and an awesome job doing everything I loved. And then I realized I wanted to write for myself too.

So this is me, living LA-adjacent (Westlake Village) loving fashion, cooking, being creative and mastering the art of silly…learning how to garden, falling off my skateboard, eating healthier and figuring myself out.

Worst case scenario, in 60 years I’ll have proof to show my grandchildren how totally cool their grandma was…heck is.

I love meeting new people, interesting people. Introduce yourself in the comments of my blog or say hi on twitter, instagram or pinterest!

Questions? Want to work with me or collaborate? Want to tell me a secret? Want to be besties?

Email me at LoserGirlWinsSL(at)gmail.com

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