Pretty in All the Blush Pink

What came first, the blush pink sweater or the blush pink skirt? It all happened so fast. I ordered the sweater of my dreams, we’re talking this baby right here, from Romwe, and found the skirt of my dreams, you guessed it, this faux leather masterpiece, at Zara a few days later. Did I have any idea they would be perfect together? Not until this sweater arrived in the mail and I realized the blush pink gods had answered all of my prayers. No exaggeration.

Now this unsuspecting separates set is the only thing I want to wear, and if not for the necessity of cleaning my clothes, and also my need to not look like I own just one outfit, I would wear this two piece till it couldn’t be worn anymore. BUT, in an attempt to manage my excitement we’re limiting ourselves to 1-2 times a week. How, you ask? Let me tell you something, I’ve worn this outfit with my favorite Rebels Footwear brown boots (exhibit below), as well as my classic white Adidas, my black booties that go with everything, my nude flats, and, well honestly, it’s clear I can wear this with essentially any pair of shoes, and we can consider this challenge accepted.

Till next time…

what I’m wearing: pink fluffy sweatshirt c/o Romwe, $12.99 | leather effect mini skirt, Zara, $29.90 | brown suede boots, Rebels Footwear, $98.95 | zulugrass bracelets, The Leakey Collection, $$ varies | heart purse, Nila Anthony



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