Citrus Beet Juice

Beet orange grapefruit ginger juice

I’ve been sick since Wednesday, which is terrible in many ways, except for one, being that I went to the market, specifically to buy fruits and veggies for one juice. And by one juice, I mean probably equal to two juices you would buy at a juice place. At $8 – $9 a juice, realistically, and we can even call it $5 a juice if we want to pretend people still sell it for that, we can agree the juice I made is valued somewhere between $10 and $18. I can’t even tell you the joy it brings me to know I only spent $3.18 on a large beat, two oranges, a grapefruit, and a massive piece of ginger to make over 30 oz of delicious juice. I love Sprouts.

I’ve made juice before and I know it’s generally inexpensive but I’m only super excited because I’ve never actually priced out exactly how much it costs to make a juice. It’s safe to say that knowing exactly how much money I’m saving on things I probably wouldn’t buy anyway is one of life’s greatest delights and I’m excited to see how inexpensively I can make future juices. May the cheapest, healthiest, most delicious juice win!

If you want to make this juice, you’ll need:
1 large beet
2 oranges
1 grapefruit
1/2 inch piece of ginger (more or less for taste)

Let’s do this:
Peel the skin off the beet and the ginger. Juice the beet first, then ginger, then oranges and grapefruit. The citrus will help extra beet and ginger get through the juicer.

And I know, you’re going to tell me juicers are expensive, but I got my first juicer for $30 before I realized it was worth a bigger investment. Just saying… Also, tell me what you’re doing this weekend so I can live vicariously through you while I lay in bed sulking in sickness. Pity me.

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