15 Instagram Quotes 20-Something Girls Eat Up

I spend so much time on Instagram, it’s almost embarrassing. I say almost, because it’s not so embarrassing that I’m actually going to stop.

I finally decided to transfer the images from my phone to my computer the other day. A little over 3,200 images later, I realized I’m an image pack rat and the screenshots I take of instagram photos would make for a great moodboard of sorts. Then, I realized I had 93 Instagram screenshots I wanted to share and knew even my mom would get bored reading this and switch back to TV.

I had two choices … (1) do a “best of” and let you miss out on the glory of ALL the photos or (2) do a few posts, so you too, can enjoy the fruits of my Instagram screenshotting labor.

I decided to start with some of the Instagram quotes. I say some of…because there are like 30 more I’ll save for another day. These are the funny ones.

And I would never show you these marvelous instagram’s without telling you where they came from (1)Smashleybell / (2)Shopvandevort / (3)Yosisamra / (4)Shopvandevort / (5)Natalia_benson / (6)Samiiryan / (7)Nastygal / (8)Nastygal / (9)Samiiryan / (10)Fashionalities / (11)Leandramedine / (12)Smashleybell / (13)Gypsyjunkies / (14)Yosisamra / (15)Shellys_london