Too Ugly For Anywhere

Too Ugly for LA

I’m basically joking, but in an incredibly ironic sort of way, I was super unsatisfied with all of these photos as we were taking them. My face looked bad in this one, my arm did a weird thing in that one, and I was clearly just too ugly. I was clearly just in one of those moods, you know what I’m talking about, and snapped out of it around the same time I started laughing at the irony of the situation.

This shirt says Too Ugly For L.A. but I’m so cool that I’m Too Ugly For Anywhere which is why I cleverly rolled up my shirt to take away an inaccurate qualifier. The tee brand is actually called Too Ugly For L.A. and beyond this adorably insulting tee, they have some other super cute, “edgy” tees and tanks. If you’re into Unif, you’ll probably be into them.
Too Ugly for LA

What I’m Wearing: Too Ugly For L.A. tee c/o ($32)  |  Vintage skirt for $1 (similar but not nearly as cheap for $16) (cuter Free People version)  |  Shoes for $13 in DTLA (you get what you pay for, one of the soles is falling off, super glue to the rescue!) (similar for $16)

Too Ugly for LA

Note: This skirt is also perfect for dancing in the middle of the street.

Too Ugly for LA

Too Ugly for LA

Too Ugly for LA

It would be super awesome if you weren’t offended by my flippant attempt to be cool. Speaking of cool, any super cool brands you’re loving right now? You should tell me about them.

Morning Green Juice

morning gree juice recipe orange apple grapes dandelion greens celery

If there’s one thing I know about juice for sure, it’s that generally, the greener it gets, the more…not so yummy it gets. Regardless, I feel like I’ve been taking the easy way out in juicing and really wanted to try something a little more hard-core, if you will. I do a lot of juice reading, and by that I mean I read a lot of juice bottles to find out what the pros that sell juice for $8 a pop are putting in their juice.

It seems like the answer is always apple for lighter green juices and pineapple if you’re going roots deep in the veggie aisle. For my first real green juice, I was feeling apples, and grapes, and an orange, because this is my big-girl juice and I’ll wimp out at the last minute with lots of fruit if I want to.

morning gree juice recipe orange apple grapes dandelion greens celery

I’ve read a lot about dandelion greens (the top center green plant) and keep seeing marvelous things about them on instagram; turns out they’re basically magic in plant form. These babies support digestion, reduce swelling and inflammation, treat a bucket full of viruses, and one cup contains over 50% of your daily Vitamin A, almost 200% of Vitamin K, 10% of your daily calcium, and 9% of your daily iron. Paired with celery, ginger, grapes, an orange, and an apple, this juice was not nearly as frightening as I had anticipated and I easily devoured my cup.

What You’ll Need:

  • A little under a cup of dandelion greens
  • 3 celery stalks
  • 1 orange
  • 1 apple
  • 1 small piece of ginger (around the size of your thumb nail)
  • 2 big handfuls of grapes

makes 16oz of yummy juice

Let’s Do This:

Rinse all your fruits and veggies vigorously then slice your apple into pieces, peel your orange and tear into pieces, and peel the dry outer coating off the ginger.

Alternate between juicing the greens and fruit so nothing get’s stuck in your juicer.

Pour into incredibly photogenic cup of choice, instagram, and enjoy.

morning gree juice recipe orange apple grapes dandelion greens celery

morning gree juice recipe orange apple grapes dandelion greens celery

What incredibly (un)healthy things are you sinking your teeth into these days? You know what to do!

Seventeen Magazine In My 20s September 2014

seventeen september 2014

If you’re new here, it’s true, I’m a 23 year old who still reads Seventeen Magazine, and I’m not afraid to shout it from the rooftops, or type it onto this page. Seventeen and I have a strong relationship made of nail art, cheap fashion and cheaper date ideas. I’d be stupid to let this one get away so instead I’ll bring the best of it to you.



missguided editorial seventeen magazine

I’ve seen some of my favorite bloggers rocking Missguided recently so I’ve been intrigued, but then, they captured me with the cutest ad ever in Seventeen. I’ve been to their site twice now and will probably be buying something in the near future. So many of their pieces are under $50 before they go on sale, which means the next time a sale comes my way, I’m jumping on their satin high waisted shorts, silky crop tops, and floral skater dresses.


Green Juice Pop

Green Juice Pop seventeen magazine recipe

I just bought The Juice Bible and made/drank three juices in two days last weekend, so to say I’m in a juice phase would not be an over-exaggeration. Just when I was starting to think about diving into popsicles, Seventeen gave me this exciting recipe for a Green Juice Pop. To boot, they promise this popsicle will help unclog my pores, so I’ll be making it stat.

What You’ll Need:

  • 1 apple
  • handful of green grapes
  • 1 avacodo
  • 1 celery stalk
  • lemon juice

Let’s Do This:

  • Blend all ingredients together and pour into molds. Let freeze and then devour.


Kind Campaign

You can sit with us kind campaign

If you’re like me, you saw this image all over instagram a few months ago compliments of the Kind Campaign and totally loved it. I’m so glad they popped up in Seventeen (since I may or may not have almost forgotten about them) to tell me about their new documentary Finding Kind. The trailer had me bawling so I don’t know how I’ll do with the full movie but I’m ready for it.


Chloe Norgaard

Chloe Norgaard seventeen magazine september 2014

I don’t know how I’ve been blind to Chloe Norgaard until this moment, but I officially love her. I’m not sure what else there is to say, but her style is nothing but bright colors and her instagram has unicorns so I’m sold.

Any new discoveries this week? Can’t wait to hear all about them loves! xx

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Metallic Magic Blues in Las Vegas

blues in las vegas magic

To be honest, the only blues I had in Las Vegas were the three gorgeous shades that made up my outfit for Magic, the most epic, massive convention for fashion buyers and industry experts that I look forward to twice a year for work. It was upwards of 100 degrees  in Vegas so light and airy was the name of the game if I didn’t want to sweat my way through two convention centers.

About a week and a half ago Urban Outfitters put a ton of new pieces on sale, which is where this new outfit came from. Let’s just say this is the cutest $20 I’ve spent this month. My sandals may or may not have been the cleverest thing to wear for tons of walking, but they only really became a problem after a full day at the convention center, and walking through three different malls in various hotels, and walking 2 miles back to our hotel. So, I’d say they are pretty comfy all things considered.

blues in las vegas magicWhat I’m Wearing: (please enjoy this duck face…also known as my intense dancing face) Urban Outfitters Top $10 / Urban Outfitters Skirt (similar $20) / Third Eye Pinecones Necklace / Nasty Gal Sandals $39 / Mr. Kate Beauty Marks $12 / Lulu Dk Tattoos $22

blues in las vegas magic third eye pinecone

silver and gold flash tattoos magic las vegas Mr kate luku dk tattoos

jacvanek coffee mug there's a chance there's whiskey in here

While I was at Magic, I interviewed Jac of JacVanek and I died of happiness just a little bit because I only minorly stalk her on instagram (in surely the least creepy way possible). But anyhow, this coffee mug is from her Spring ’15 collection and I’ll be drinking from it religiously.

I just got back from Vegas last night so the rest of this week is a hot mess of work catchup and naps. See you on the other side.

blues in las vegas magic