High On Glitter, Monsters, And Mermaids


There are few things I love on this planet more than nail polish and gorgeous rings. That’s not really true, but it kind of is. Anyhow, after a lucky purchase at Magic, and a new Julep Maven shipment, I found myself with three pretty new rings and two new nail polishes to play with.

I’ve been on a major purple kick recently so I died I little when I saw that this month’s colors were this incredible metallic Barney purple and an equally gorgeous matte micro glitter periwinkle purple. Clearly, my excitement was through the roof. To boot, I’ve been so seriously obsessed with mermaids and their contrasting foe, monsters, as of late, so when I stumbled upon Vidakush at Magic, it was clear I was going to have to buy one or three things, which I did.


For my nails, I used Katie (the metallic Barney color) on a few random nails. For the rest, I did a bottom coat of Ramona (the super pastel purple) and two coats of Queen Anne (the super sparkle one) on top of that.

Now, let’s talk about the rings for a second and then I’ll shut up. When I spotted the mermaid shell (I don’t care if that’s not really what it is) and the claw rings, in rose gold, my heart skipped like five beats. I definitely have a different relationship with the rose gold weed leaf ring. Basically, I saw it, and knew that it was probably the classiest piece of jewelry I would ever find with such a leaf, so I had to get it.








Any new jewelry and/or nail polish discoveries? You know what to do.

The Urban Outfitters Goods And The Coolest Labor Day Sales

Urban Outfitters sale urban outfitters haul for love and lemons

If you somehow haven’t heard, Urban Outfitters has been doing the best sale since Tuesday and it goes until Monday!! Do you have their app? If you do, then you’ve probably already taken advantage of the extra 50% off all sale items in stores. If not, well, now you can download and take advantage. I’ve definitely spent more this month than I should have or wanted to. Can you say new tires and a traffic ticket?

My point? I really intended to take a quick peak, maybe buy one or two cheap tees, and then mosey on my way. Instead I found two For Love and Lemons dresses. Naturally, they weren’t $5, but I couldn’t say no…I also couldn’t say no to a few other things. So, this is me bragging about my (some kind of expensive, but some not really) great deals I got at Urban as well as a call to fricken action for you to go, because I want you to have pretty things too! And now, I’ll show you the goods, and tell you the prices to further encourage you to get your butt over there. Oh, and then I’ll tell you about more of my favorite labor day sales where you can spend your hard earned money.

Urban Outfitters sale night lace romper

Would you believe me if I told you this romper was $10?

Urban Outfitters sale night lace romper and willow and clay eyecover search for sanity

Sorry, this adorable eyemask is from Willow & Clay, it just matched and looked too perfect to not place right here.

Urban Outfitters sale black floral dress

Hello $20′s worth of adorable!

Urban Outfitters sale black romper BDG canvas shoes

This romper is $5…$5!!!!!!! (and so are the shoes!)

Urban Outfitters sale black romper

Urban Outfitters sale BDG canvas shoes


Urban Outfitters sale for love and lemons lace white dress

Here comes the tough part. This was the first For Love and Lemons piece I found on the rack. It’s the cutest dress…and it’s $50. I know, but I had to. (retail $194)

Urban Outfitters sale for love and lemons white lace dress bell sleeve

And just for fun, a For Love and Lemons encore. This dress is worth every penny of that $50 (retail $194), I already wore it around the house, trying on every shoe I own with it, singing “I love this dress,” over and over.

Urban Outfitters sale books coolhaus ice cream cookbook cosmo book 60s book

Books are probably my favorite part of Urban Outfitters. So let’s start with the Coolhaus ice cream book. This puppy retails for $25. I got if for $2.50. Can I get a what, what? I got Cosmo for 99 cents, and The Portable Sixties Reader for $2.50. These books are new. These books are a gosh darn steal!

Urban Outfitters sale urban outfitters haul for love and lemons

Sales I’m super excited for but probably won’t shop because I just got all of this amazing stuff:

Urban Outfitters: If you have their app, you get 50% off their sale section in stores only. if you don’t have the app, get it.

American Apparel: Extra 30% off sale items and 40% off everything else with code BIGDEAL

Vanessa Mooney: 25% off entire site and an extra 50% off all sale items. I’m actually considering getting one or two things. It’s really good.

Flynnskye: 30% off your entire order with code LABOROFLOVE

Jacvanek: 20% off your online order with code GIMME20

Lovers and Friends: 40% off select styles


Any other sales I should know about to make it even harder not to shop? OR any solid ways to not keep wanting pretty things? Happy Labor Day Weekend xx

Too Ugly For Anywhere

Too Ugly for LA

I’m basically joking, but in an incredibly ironic sort of way, I was super unsatisfied with all of these photos as we were taking them. My face looked bad in this one, my arm did a weird thing in that one, and I was clearly just too ugly. I was clearly just in one of those moods, you know what I’m talking about, and snapped out of it around the same time I started laughing at the irony of the situation.

This shirt says Too Ugly For L.A. but I’m so cool that I’m Too Ugly For Anywhere which is why I cleverly rolled up my shirt to take away an inaccurate qualifier. The tee brand is actually called Too Ugly For L.A. and beyond this adorably insulting tee, they have some other super cute, “edgy” tees and tanks. If you’re into Unif, you’ll probably be into them.
Too Ugly for LA

What I’m Wearing: Too Ugly For L.A. tee c/o ($32)  |  Vintage skirt for $1 (similar but not nearly as cheap for $16) (cuter Free People version)  |  Shoes for $13 in DTLA (you get what you pay for, one of the soles is falling off, super glue to the rescue!) (similar for $16)

Too Ugly for LA

Note: This skirt is also perfect for dancing in the middle of the street.

Too Ugly for LA

Too Ugly for LA

Too Ugly for LA

It would be super awesome if you weren’t offended by my flippant attempt to be cool. Speaking of cool, any super cool brands you’re loving right now? You should tell me about them.

Morning Green Juice

morning gree juice recipe orange apple grapes dandelion greens celery

If there’s one thing I know about juice for sure, it’s that generally, the greener it gets, the more…not so yummy it gets. Regardless, I feel like I’ve been taking the easy way out in juicing and really wanted to try something a little more hard-core, if you will. I do a lot of juice reading, and by that I mean I read a lot of juice bottles to find out what the pros that sell juice for $8 a pop are putting in their juice.

It seems like the answer is always apple for lighter green juices and pineapple if you’re going roots deep in the veggie aisle. For my first real green juice, I was feeling apples, and grapes, and an orange, because this is my big-girl juice and I’ll wimp out at the last minute with lots of fruit if I want to.

morning gree juice recipe orange apple grapes dandelion greens celery

I’ve read a lot about dandelion greens (the top center green plant) and keep seeing marvelous things about them on instagram; turns out they’re basically magic in plant form. These babies support digestion, reduce swelling and inflammation, treat a bucket full of viruses, and one cup contains over 50% of your daily Vitamin A, almost 200% of Vitamin K, 10% of your daily calcium, and 9% of your daily iron. Paired with celery, ginger, grapes, an orange, and an apple, this juice was not nearly as frightening as I had anticipated and I easily devoured my cup.

What You’ll Need:

  • A little under a cup of dandelion greens
  • 3 celery stalks
  • 1 orange
  • 1 apple
  • 1 small piece of ginger (around the size of your thumb nail)
  • 2 big handfuls of grapes

makes 16oz of yummy juice

Let’s Do This:

Rinse all your fruits and veggies vigorously then slice your apple into pieces, peel your orange and tear into pieces, and peel the dry outer coating off the ginger.

Alternate between juicing the greens and fruit so nothing get’s stuck in your juicer.

Pour into incredibly photogenic cup of choice, instagram, and enjoy.

morning gree juice recipe orange apple grapes dandelion greens celery

morning gree juice recipe orange apple grapes dandelion greens celery

What incredibly (un)healthy things are you sinking your teeth into these days? You know what to do!